Resourcing the World Towards a Sustainable Future

Posted on May 24, 2018
At Veolia, we believe that sustainable solutions should drive economic value. Resourcing the World is ingrained into our operations and services as we work to provide sustainable solutions that solve complex challenges in water, waste and energy across the globe. As the world’s largest environmental solutions company, we strive to create solutions that support the circular economy, ensure resiliency in operations, conserve our planet’s resources, promote a sustainable future and support the women and men we employ.

Throughout 2017, 21 percent of Veolia’s revenue was associated with circular economy activities, and our combined sustainability efforts were recognized by several renowned global agencies like the Climate Disclosure Project and RobecoSAM. We’re constantly impressed by our customers’ desire to reach new heights of sustainability.

We’ve recently released our 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report where we highlight flagship projects from the past year that truly show what it means to Resource the World.

Resourcing the Planet

Significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a sustainability goal that is sought after across industries. In 2017, we successfully aided our customers in both reducing and avoiding their CO2 emissions. One example is our partnership with Georgia Renewable Power In North Carolina.

The “American Broiler Belt” is the epicenter of poultry production, meaning there is a large amount of poultry litter that needs to be sustainably managed. In 2017, Veolia began operating a waste-to-energy facility that successfully utilizes 11,000 truckloads of poultry litter that would otherwise be sent to landfill or used in other land applications that risks the pollution of local water streams. The 25-megawatt facility uses biomass for power and heat, therefore significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Resourcing the Regions

Not only are we dedicated to ensuring the future of our planet, we are also dedicated to supporting the local regions in which we live and work. We are a community partner wherever we have operations because we believe that sustainability means building long standing relationships between local utilities and operations and the public. From stepping up during natural disasters to hosting biodiversity events with local school districts, we are constantly working to ensure the resilience of the local regions where we are located by working as partners in the community.

In Milwaukee, we pledge to not only safeguard the water quality in the region, but to also engage with the mmsd-milwaukee-falconscommunity. Through events that welcome as many 2,000 visitors a day to tour Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District water reclamation facilities, and local biodiversity protection where we nurture and support the growth of endangered Peregrine Falcons, we are constantly working towards contributing to the development of the local region.


Resourcing the Women and Men We Employ

veolia-goal-zero-safety-logoAs well as Resourcing the World on a global and regional scale, throughout 2017 we were also highly focused on resourcing our people with a continued focus on endorsing our “Goal Zero” health and safety culture, career development, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

With nearly 8,000 employees across North America, the safety of our workers is top priority in every one of our locations. Our commitment to safety is clear, with more than 330 of our North American sites having zero lost-time injuries throughout 2017. We also support the development of our workforce, through 10,000 hours of training and $5.3 million in training and workforce development.

Through enriching the communities in which we work, and cutting CO2 emissions with best-in-class technologies, the above are just a handful of examples of our commitment to creating sustainable solutions in partnership with our customers and local communities. In 2017, we made incredible progress to reach our sustainable development commitments, we look forward to making even greater strides throughout 2018.


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