International Women's Day and Veolia: A Global Initiative

Posted on March 7, 2018

This International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018, Veolia North America is going to be part of a global movement alongside other Veolia zones to encourage more girls and young women into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

In addition to our events in Boston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Montreal and Port Arthur, which will see over 100 girls and young women on site to learn from our role models, Veolia events are happening worldwide. 

As part of pushing for change, Veolia Group has partnered with Girls on the Move (GotM) – based in Paris – a non-profit organization that raises awareness about young women’s choices of study, and their career paths in relation to gender diversity.

Here’s what some of the other Veolia teams are doing to celebrate:


The team in France is arranging several activities from hosting ‘Conference at the V’ where discussion is focused on opportunities for women in STEM at Veolia, to female mentors visiting local High Schools to discuss their professions to students. Elsewhere in France, Veolia is hosting several young women on site, including visiting the VERI (Veolia Research and Innovation) center to get first-hand insight into research jobs and innovation in our HQ zone – magnifique!


The Spanish team is hosting a coaching experience day in partnership with ‘Pequeña Nowina’, an NGO (Non-governmental organization) that works to help girls and women from Sierra Leone develop career skills to grant their own freedom. The project is in collaboration with two educational institutions and will pair the young girls with our female engineers to empower and inspire them.


All the way over in Asia, Veolia China has arranged a campus talk in partnership with Chongqing Electricity College, to promote Veolia's principles and commitments to gender diversity in the workplace. As part of this, our female engineers will share their career experiences with female students as part of a mentoring session. The Chinese team is also hosting a seminar to promote Veolia's commitment to the environment as well as gender diversity in the workplace.


Heading down to South America the team in Brazil is opening its doors to 200 local girls to showcase its technical role models, share stories and help answer ‘how to’ questions to help them enter the STEM field. The project is being run in partnership with the Barueri Town Hall and one of the team’s main industrial clients, Cervejaria Petrópolis. Additionally, 30 girls to go to the Fibria Industrial site for an immersive day on site.

With nineteen countries taking part we’re also working alongside other multi-national companies as part of the Girls on the Move campaign such as: Accenture, Renault and Total – over 2,500 girls and young women are expected to get involved to the day.

We'll be sharing stories from Veolia North America STEM role models on Twitter. We'd love to hear your STEM story. Join the conversation with us.

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We'd love to hear your STEM story. Join the conversation with us.

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