What is Resourcing the World?

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Posted on June, 5 2018



Written by President & CEO of Veolia North America, William DiCroce


Our Mission

Veolia operates in a world that faces natural resource scarcity, rapid urbanization and a growing need to tackle the reality of climate change. We believe that the world needs to profoundly rethink its relationship to resources and work towards new social and economic growth models that are more efficient, better balanced and more sustainable.


This mission is not a motto; it is a commitment to do all we can to make the world a better, more sustainable place. To achieve this, we rely on teams of talented people who share and embody our worldview. Without them we are nothing, but together we are Resourcers. Whatever our area of expertise, job title or location, we are all dedicated to making a positive impact and working together to meet the needs of customers everywhere.


169,000 Resourcers

A Resourcer is not just a member of one of our teams. There's much more to it than that. Our Resourcers are all part of the same strong community which see the world as it should be, not only as it is. At Veolia, we never take things at face value. We look beyond, constantly thinking about potential solutions. And to do this, our Resourcers are optimistic, they never give up and they move forward together.

Veolia employees are optimistic people who don't accept the way things are and who think that a better world is possible if we decide to make a positive change.

We also never give up. Sometimes, especially in our industry, we are confronted with failure but this just makes us work even harder to innovate, reinvent our core businesses and find solutions for transforming and resourcing the world.

And we move forward together. All our achievements are the result of teams pulling together and everyone having a key role to play.

Welcoming New Resourcers

With 160 years' experience in water, energy and waste management, Veolia’s workforce strives to enhance and grow the performance of our businesses and regions. This growth is first and foremost the result of our teams' commitment to working closely with customers to develop innovative solutions to meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

But at the same time, we need to support our growth with a fresh generation of Resourcers – people who want to come onboard to help us achieve our mission of Resourcing the World and make a contribution to the greater good.

Career Diversity

As a market leader, Veolia offers a variety of job opportunities and career paths in its three core businesses. Our teams work closely with customers, focusing on innovative environmental solutions and the circular economy. Career diversity is one of the key benefits available to current and future employees.

At Veolia, innovation is ingrained in our culture. This flair for innovation is essential in addressing the challenges ahead, winning new markets and building the workforce of the future.

Working at Veolia means being part of a community: the community of Resourcers.


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